And the election winner is us

The eyes and ears of the world is centered around one subject, the presidential election in the United States. We at Rules of Knowledge thought we will weigh in on the subject as well, to let our readers know about our views on the matter.

[update 12 Nov 2016] Now that the  election results have been announced and people have started to move on, I’m just wondering how you felt about the results.

The one main theme of this presidential race has been that irrespective of who ever wins, Hillary or Trump, that the world stands to lose. This rather pessimistic view of the outcome has got me thinking about why this is such a popular line of thought. Hillary has her history of popular unpopularity on her back. Trump has his scandals, some of them self created, in his unorthodox takes on issues regarding immigrants and so so … so many other things. This campaign has been wrought in information being revealed conveniently in the last minute. It’s hard to make a distinction between fact, fiction and propaganda.

I like to take the view that we all lose and turn it around. Speaking as a person with an outside perspective, being present on the other side of the world, I like to think that the outcome of the election would be prosperous. If Hillary wins, life goes on as much as the same way it would if Trump wins. Maybe Hillary would bring a much needed women’s perspective to leading the most powerful country in the world. Maybe Trump and his unorthodox ways would finally cleanse the world of evils.The old formula of giving the lead to charismatic leaders has been failing for a while. We got the ever present dangers of radicals among ourselves to deal with, worries of economic collapse coming out of nowhere to worry about and climate changes and racial issues on our shoulders. As the most powerful nation of the world, who ever ends up in the oval office to take charge of these issues has his/her hands full. As the country boasting to be the most democratic country, I like to think that both candidates has risen up through the echelons because they both are equally capable to run the country. As stand by outsiders, a little faith in both of them bringing change that is beneficial would go a long way. They both played the politics game and they both succeeded in their own ways to be where they are, as the presidential candidates, because they both deserve to be.

Finally, let us pray for a future where we can live in harmony because even if we are divided among ourselves into many nations and each nation with it’s own leader leading the way, we all have to work together as brothers and sisters that we are to survive and to thrive.

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  1. I am an American. I like your positive point of view of our elections.
    Prayer is most important if we want a free and peaceful world.
    Pray is also needed if American is to survive this election.
    Thanks for your prayers.
    Blessing to you,

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