Four helpful tips for the lone project manager

Time vs cost vs quality

This trade off applies to large projects and it applies to the lone project manager as well. Think well on which of these project criteria you will focus on as the impact is huge. Projects presented to the lone project manager is always time constrained. Most of the projects had to be finished yesterday, the cost of the project is determined by the client to be a fraction of the actual cost and the quality of the end product has to meet standards from the future.

Don’t get caught in this web of project management hell. The time may be decided by the client and the quality of the product can be decided by them to reasonable standards. But draw them the triangle and flip out a coin and show that the cost of meeting these criteria are not going to be very light on their pockets.
This is one of the best negotiation tool available for all project managers. It allows to buy the time available by increasing the cost until the client finally realizes that projects are not too different from Rome.

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