Four helpful tips for the lone project manager

Don’t let projects become death marches or a limbo project

Don’t let the importance of projects fall through, until they become a death march project or goes into limbo mode.  For the lone project manager, projects maybe self initiated projects. There is no client to please, only with the success of the projects will a benefit be realized. Or they maybe projects for a client.

Death march projects are projects that are doomed to fail., projects that will surely not bring about the benefit that was envisioned. In general literature, these projects stands out because large corporations keep pouring in money and resources even when they know that the project is failing. Microsoft keeps trying to enter the mobile operating system without much luck and a part of them, seemingly at least, have accepted this because applications for their products are now being enjoyed on the Android and iOS. It’s a failure story that has been two decades in the making and yet, they still keep going at it. Yahoo had been trying to become relevant, even when Google and Bing clearly stands as the go to search engines and their recent efforts only ended in vain.
Limbo projects are the other end of the failure spectrum, projects that has lost relevance and interest. Clients stops caring whether projects are completed or not. Even you, the lone project manager, knows that they don’t care either ways. Time, cost and quality can vary either way. When completed it may carry some semblance of what it was initially perceived in the drawing boards and it may not, but either ways, it doesn’t matter. That client who sought out a logo to be done in a week’s time doesn’t really care about it because his business is functioning just fine without it even months later. Graphic designers know these projects quite well.

Having a portfolio of these projects will not do well for your reputation or your morals which brings us to the last point of discussion.

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