Four helpful tips for the lone project manager

Reputation matters

Your success as a lone project matter is what drives your reputation and vice versa. It is an aspect of Total Quality Management (TQM) that survives even when project management is stripped down to it’s backbone level. Reputation is not easy to gain once lost and it is difficult to gain in the first place. Just ask Samsung about it, they came to know about that recently the hard way. People are asking whether my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone catches fire even when it’s their newer product that was recalled. People won’t be trusting Samsung phones anytime soon.
Your reputation as a success self project manager earns you the trustful client base that you need. When you are going at it alone, your project management skills is as important as your technical skills. This is completely against the line of thought that a project manager doesn’t have to be technically experience in a particular industry. But it is impossible to finish an architectural project when you technical skills are in programming. Know your limits and develop clients that know the kind of projects that you do.

Some knowledge areas of TQM can also be explored further, but not all. Not everything can be documented and project assurance is particularly unnecessary as long as you are going to do projects alone. But, some reflection of completed and failed projects is necessary to ensure that continuous improvement exists in your methodology of delivering projects. That building that you designed, which everyone awed so much over can still be better or more environmentally friendly, which you can incorporate in your next design. That logo, visually striking and generating positive feedback from all corners, can still be more meaningful which you can try out for the next logo.

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