Collateral damage in the war on Syria

On 4th April, approximately 85 people including 20 children were killed in a “chemical attack” in Syria, Idlib, a province in the north controlled by rebels – who are in a civil war against the government of Bashar Al-Assad. Though, Assad and Russia has denied the use of chemical weapons, the investigators, doctors and WHO monitoring groups (and the United States) have established that the victims have suffered the symptoms of chemical attack – namely sarin nerve gas.

This attack certainly has raised questions and suspicion of the deal made in 2013 between US and Russia “ending Syrian’s chemical weapon programme” and “removing all chemical weapons from Syria”, and the deal as an agreement for both US and Russia to punish the Syrian regime if they ever use chemical weapons.

While there are more innocent people dying, the United Nations has called upon emergency meetings and still is unclear on its resolution and actions because of the ongoing investigations. In the UN Security Council, US, UK and Frame have proposed a resolution – condemning Assad regime on the chemical attack and pressure Assad to cooperate with the International community for a full investigation. However, Russia has denied Syrian regime using chemical weapons and has expressed its clear frustration on the resolution and deemed it “unacceptable” while China has remained unclear on its position. As the UN Security Council require no vetoes from US, UK, France, China and Russia plus nine additional votes, it’s going to be a miracle to see the security council cooperate and reach a consensus on this resolution.

In the meantime, US has raised its hegemonic power and unilaterally decided to strike against Assad regime, condemning the chemical weapon attack. The first US airstrike against the regime has been targeted to the location where the sarin nerve gas was leaked. With the first military attack issued under President Donald Trump’s administration, this is sure going to cause a conflictive situation between Russia and US. Already announcing this “as an act of aggression and against International Law” Russia (backed by Iran) is ready for War, in-order to protect Assad and his regime, if the US threatens the sovereignty of the state. With US being supported and allied with UK, Australia, Israel and Saudi Arabia (indirectly by Japan and Italy) this might just be the beginning of another War, where the multipolar powers (US, Russia, China, France and UK) backed by its allies, deter the aggressors for “self-defense” and use their security and military powers to make states “comply”, while the international community and United Nations remains silently discussing the moral obligations of states and condemning US and Russia for not obeying International Law, deterring each other and killing innocent civilians as “collateral damage”.

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