Reading Inspirations – The Connection & Experience

A great book should leave you with many experiences, and slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading. William Styron

This happens to me a lot and I believe millions of other people out there. I start reading a book or novel on a random basis, choosing it because of its title, synopsis, cover, author or some portion that catches my attention. Yet not far into the story, I get bogged down.

So its either one of these reasons:

– The story is draggy and takes 5 or 6 pages to cover one scenario

– It’s not my type of genre

– I have already decided its gonna be a boring book because the characters are too shallow, or there are too many confusing characters

– I just don’t have the time; especially if it’s a hardcover book – as I don’t carry it on me all the time

– The language is poor and cheap, repetitive and monotonous

Nevertheless, given all these reasons, most of the time we are guilty of deserting the book and continues to hold on to it, without moving on to another book. Or we just forget about it the second we hate it and start a new book. Either way, the guilt is there for not finishing it to the end.

So here are some tips that have worked for me, keeping me inspired to finish the book.

 – STOP exploring genre’s you will definitely hate: 

We all have favorite genre’s and authors, books that we can read and finish off at one-go because of its thrilling story. Although the problem is we start to believe sticking to one genre limits our exploration and we might not belong to groups of people with other genres. So we try to mix genre’s and read classics, or famous books that everyone would/or should have read. Even though we hate it, we put an effort to start and continue reading. Except halfway through we get baffled; either for reasons above or some other reason. We don’t even try to find the time to finish it since it’s so dull.

So, even if your friends lend you books or suggest a book that you might definitely not like, don’t go through with it. Because reading is a passion, something we do for ourselves rather than to show-off. If we are doing it for those reasons, we might not even be able to finish one book a year, because we will be shifting halfway through each book.

 – PLAN a target for you to achieve 

In our busy lives, it’s important that everything remains compartmentalized, for us to manage time and our daily routines. While reading is usually done in our free time, we should have a target for our self, even though it’s not a competition with anyone. At the beginning of the year (or halfway through wherever you are) its important to plan out and say it for your self. “I will finish 2 books each month”, “I will finish 1 book every week”. This helps yourself to feel committed to achieving something meaningful and passionate in your free time and allows you to map out other activities you would like to do on your next free day.

 – CONNECT with your book

This is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of being inspired. What makes a good book is the connection it has with the person reading it. We don’t usually talk about how we felt while reading it, but just summarize it as good, bad or excellent as a review after finishing it.

Simply said, a book is great, memorable, intense and engaging when it connects deeply with you. The experience of emotions, feelings, and concentration while reading it. The connection with that one character, or characters, that scenario, or allowing yourself to be inside the character’s consciousness; gives us the overwhelming feeling of communicating and inhabiting our life to their life. It somehow gives the meaning to something we are going through, our society is experiencing or an existence we have never thought to acknowledge of. It develops our creative imagination beyond what we already know and strengthens our minds ability to be more creative and influential.


For me, reading a book is as simple as having a meal, allowing myself to choose something I love if it’s available or experimenting something I might like based on its content. If I hate the taste I would choose another and invigorate the sour taste in my mouth. A book is exceptional when it is profoundly connected with you, gives you meaning in some aspect, teaches you something new and different. A book gives you perception, orientation to varieties of experiences and adds value to your thinking and judgment.

Honestly, if you choose to read books that are interesting to you, you will not leave it unfinished. You will be able to finish ten, fifty or a hundred books in a year. Because reading a book is not solely reading, its feeding your self with all the feelings, emotions, knowledge and wisdom associated with it. It’s the connection you feel with the author and what the author has so successfully delivered. So, who cares about creating a book collection with all socially acceptable and appropriate books, just read what you love to read and enjoy life.


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