Germany crashes out from World Cup 2018

The curse of world cup winners stroked again as the reigning champions from the 2014 world cup, Germany, lose shockingly in the last game of the group stage matches. Germany was expected to put up their normal performance of dominating and extinguishing opposing teams, but they have been anything but, only managing to grasp one win out of three games, and the win too coming in most dramatic last minute grasping against Sweden

So it’s back to home for both Germany and Korea as Sweden and Mexico keeps on living the champion’s dream. To some pundits of the game, the result isn’t a shocker as the performance against Mexico in the first match was a foreshadowing of the dismal performance that continued in the German team’s journey. Given how the German team relies on veterans, with players such as Mesut Ozil,  Jérôme Boateng and Toni Kroos, (despite his superb ‘Kroos’ missile shot against Sweden) well out of their prime, the German teams need some fresh player and desperate injection of youth into an aging team.

German’s have been dominating the game for the past decade now, with their possessive game, fantastic roster of world class players and an overall outstanding performance in every department. That dominance was in display as they stunned Brazil in heavy handed 7-1 defeat before going on to collect the silverware. It’s a feat they have accomplished four times previously in 1954, 1974, 1990 and 2014. Not to mention that they have been runner-ups four time as well! German’s to-date have always managed to go on to the next stages of the world cup finals. In fact their worst performance until this world cup was in 1978 where they lost out in the second stage. That also their only bad performance as far as results are concerned, having managed to be a runner up, third place or quarter final position in every world cup they have played in. No such heroics or glamour this year and surely a result that will live in infamy

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