Political prisoners freed

Shock election results in 23 Sep 2018 leaves the ruling government visibly fragile in the Maldives. The incumbent president, Yamin Abdul Gayoom, has already conceded to the opposition candidate, Ibrahim Solih, in a manner of fashion. Affects of the concession has started to take shape in the political sphere in Maldives, with the release of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, his son Faris Maumoon and opposition leader Gasim Ibrahim from Jumhooree party on 30 Sep 2018, albeit under bail. The releases also compliment release of two other prominent figures from prison a few days earlier

The releases are part of a build up that hopefully will see justice reaching some 17 political prisoners held within the Maldives. It is expected that former President Nasheed, immensely popular but in exile after facing a 13 year sentence under terrorism will eventually return to the country.


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