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This happens to me a lot and I believe millions of other people out there. I start reading a book or novel on a random […]

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This article reviews one of the simplest-thought-provoking books I have read this year. The book by Ruiz Miguel, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to […]

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What if we lived in a world where there were no prisons? Sure, this is difficult for most people to grasp, a community where criminals […]

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Hijab; the veil or headscarf most commonly seen worn by Muslim women has been perceived by the mainstream world as an oppression of women’s identity […]

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Gender identification and sexual orientations; or how we identify ourselves socially and individually are important parts in satisfying our souls and understanding where we belong. […]

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Social equality or in some cases “inequality” has become a biased norm driven without a baseline of what we are measuring how equal we are. […]

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Che Guevara is remembered today as a controversial legacy of Marxist Revolutionary due to his influential vagaries in Cuban Revolution alongside Fidel Castro in overthrowing […]

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Have you ever felt fear or anxiety in crowded spaces, long queues, enclosed spaces such as elevators? When you think of it, it is just […]

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